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Magic Bingo

Everybody shouts BINGO at the same time!

In Crazy Harder’s Magic Bingo, everybody ends up shouting Bingo at the same time!

Looking for a lively and hilarious act, which your guests will be talking about long after the show? Well look no further, book Crazy Harder’s Magic Bingo! This magic act sees the entire audience taking part in Crazy Harders’ Magic Bingo.

Every member of the audience receives a bingo card and we can already spill the beans; everybody will be shouting BINGO at the same time in this crazy ridiculous act. Yes, you guessed it as well, the prizes are comical too.


Hilarious comedy act


Everybody shouts Bingo at the same time!


Hilarious prizes


Personalised bingo cards are an option

Crazy Harder’s Magic Bingo: a crazy ridiculous act with comical prizes, everybody always gets a prize, personalised bingo cards (maybe with your own logo or such like) are possible upon request.

What you should know if you book Crazy Harder!

vinkPerforms his act on a world stage!
vinkKnown from appearing on the broadcasters SBS6, TROS and NPO3
vinkShow for everybody, Young & Old
vinkHousehold name from appearing on TV programmes

Crazy Harders Magic Bingo bingokaart op maat voor Kinly
Crazy Harders Magic Bingo op maat voor Kinly

Comedy Bingo Niels Harder

sterren rating goochelaar
When you’ve got two or three minutes to take your moment, you took every second.

Simon Cowell

Britain´s Got Talent

sterren rating goochelaar
I loved that so much, I was so entertained!

David Walliams

Britain´s Got Talent

sterren rating goochelaar
You are mad, bonkers, crazy, I love you! Like that was brilliant!

Alesha Dixon

Britain's Got Talent

sterren rating goochelaar
Very funny, very cool!

Bruce Darnell

Das Supertalent

sterren rating goochelaar
You are so crazy, you need to go through!

Nazan Eckes

Das Supertalent

sterren rating goochelaar
I love his charisma, energy and presence on the stage!

Uri Geller